metaCluster Federation with ADMIRALTY

metaCluster Federation with ADMIRALTY

The simplest way to deploy applications to multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Admiralty is a system of Kubernetes controllers that intelligently schedules workloads across clusters. It is simple to use and simple to integrate with other tools. It enables many multi-cluster, multi-region, multi-cloud, and hybrid (simply put, global computing) use cases:

metaCluster Topology


Two clusters are said to be connected as source and target when controllers in the source cluster (e.g., run by the Admiralty agent) talk to the Kubernetes API of the target cluster. Just like controllers within a single cluster, controllers in either cluster may communicate using the target cluster's Kubernetes API as a message channel.

  • Any Applications: Admiralty integrates with Kubernetes at the pod level. Use standard Kubernetes API resources, like Deployments to globalize micro-services, or Jobs to spread batch workloads, even third-party custom resources.

  • Any Clusters: Any clouds, any regions, even on-prem. EKS, AKS, GKE, OpenShift, k3s, etc., or the ones you built the hard way. Use Admiralty Cloud tunnels to connect private clusters.

  • Simple Configuration: Install the Admiralty agent, connect clusters, re-use your YAML, it just works! Stop thinking about clusters or networking. Admiralty takes care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your applications.

  • Flexible Architecture: Admiralty supports centralized and decentralized cluster topologies, within and across trust domains. Cluster connections are facilitated by Admiralty Cloud's public key directory—"Keybase for Kubernetes clusters" if you'd like.